General description

Functional woolen mittens for technology use. Dark grey and red thumbs

Each pair of gloves comes with a linen bag for storage. We care about nature and make our storage bags from natural materials that have been used before, but are in very good condition.

Woolen mittens designed to allow you to use modern technology without your hands getting cold.

Our mittens are made of wool from sheep growing in Estonia. The main colour of mittens is a natural shade of wool, the tint variations of wich are achived by mixing different tones of wool.

How they work

MAKA_goods woolen mittens to use technology are unique. Small holes are designed above the index finger and thumb of the glove, through which you can push your fingers out of the glove. At the same time, the construction of these openings does not allow the cold to enter the glove. With gloves you can use modern technology without having to take off your gloves. You can take photos, scroll through Instagram or chat.

Maka gloves are designed for maximum comfort and functionality.  Mittens tend to get lost when you take them off. With our warm gloves, you can send all your important messages without taking off your gloves. Easy and convenient!

This mittens provide good protection in cold, wind and humid weather conditions.

More about the gloves

Each pair of our gloves is unique. Finished by hand by a master craftsman, and therefore even a pair of visually similar color and style may be slightly different. It depends on many stages of the product. What kind of sheep does the wool come from, how is it mixed, how is the material woven and felted and how is it cut and sewn. But this is the most charming feature of handwork.

There’s an estonian saying that goes something like this: "There is no bad weather, only bad clothes". Maka is not only going to keep your fingers warm - it is unique and functional, allowing you to chat, take photos or scroll Instagram without the hussle of taking off the mittens in crisp cold weather.

The user-friendly glows of smart devices, with an original design, are made in Estonia, from the wool of Muhu country sheep. Warm and comfortable.

100% wool

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